Concierge at Casablanca

Morocco is a beautiful city bordering the Mediterranean Sea and a main landing site for visitors to the country. The city, referred to as the White City, is also an important economic driver for the country.
The weather-beaten charm of its immaculate white houses contrasting with the azure blue of the ocean and the relative calm of its streets and alleys hide a hectic activity specific to the Maghreb countries!
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Renting in Casablanca ?

Casablanca’s architectural wealth, its various attractions, the beauty of its coastline, its strategic location and the reputation of its airport as the main gateway to Morocco make it a much more renowned destination than its capital Rabat.

The city is only three hours from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and major European capitals. Many travelers are attracted to Casablanca because of its unique atmosphere and its reflection of different North African influences.

A crossroads of cultures and eras, Casablanca is a privileged destination for business or leisure tourism, which allows access to interesting rental opportunities.

The Moroccan city is inexorably embracing the 21st century with a deep desire to become an essential part of any stay in Morocco and on the African continent.

Rate all inclusive !

We are paid on income generated by your home, so we have a common interest in maximizing your income.

All-in package

All-in package includes ::

  • Customized study on the profitability of your property;
  • Inventory;
  • Photo session ;
  • Ad drafting and posting ;
  • Rate optimization with our Revenue Manager;
  • Information requests, reservations and notices management;
  • Management of stay and deposit receipts;
  • Access to your owner's space to track bookings;
  • reception and departure of travelers (check-in / check-out);
  • cleaning ** of the accommodation (provide cleaning products) ;
  • linens **;
  • Management of tourist taxes;
  • Consumables management (1) ;
  • One welcome kit per stay (2) ;
  • small maintenance works (3).

** Cleaning and laundry fees are charged to travelers.
(1) Consumable management : (products to be replaced are charged to the owner)
(2) Welcome basket: (coffee, toilet paper, shower gel and shampoo)
(3) Small maintenance : (invoiced to the owner after agreement)

22% VAT included with no minimum turnover per booking

Why a concierge service ?

Yield package

The "ad management" package includes:

  • Customized study on the profitability of your property;
  • Inventory;
  • Photo session ;
  • Ad drafting and posting ;
  • Rate optimization with our Revenue Manager;
  • Information requests, reservations and notices management;
  • Management of stay collections;
  • Management of tourist taxes;
  • Access to your owner's space to track bookings;

Does not include:

  • Bond management ;
  • Reception and departure of travelers (check-in / check-out);
  • Cleaning of the accommodation ** ;
  • Linens ;
  • A welcome kit ;

** Housekeeping fees charged to travelers are refunded to you

15% VAT included with no minimum turnover per booking


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  • Is there an advance to be made ?
  • How does the deposit work ?
  • Coverage in case of damage

Visiting Casablanca ?

The Moroccan city is inexorably embracing the 21st century with a deep desire to become an essential part of any stay in Morocco and on the African continent.

The Hassan II Mosque, located at the top of the medina, presides over the city with its highest minaret in the world which is over 200 meters high. The huge size of the place accommodates multitudes of pilgrims every year.

The old medina of Casablanca is certainly a place where the atmosphere of Moroccan life reigns. Walking through its maze of streets and alleys dives you into a decor of typical shops, residences and Koubba, these numerous sanctuaries that litter this area of the city.

However, Casablanca also stands out thanks to the majestic historic ramparts, Mohammed V Square with its colorful fountain, the art-deco buildings in the city center, the Habous district, the scents of its markets and of course the authentic comfort of its hammams.
All of these attractions guarantee an exciting and memorable stay in Casablanca!

Why choose Jeffrey Host as your apartment janitor in Casablanca?

The vicinity of the sea makes the winters milder and the summer temperatures more bearable. This oceanic climate, which warms up the winter cold and softens the strong summer temperatures with a breeze, is beneficial to the white city, which attracts a large number of tourists.

Professional accommodation offers are not enough to meet the ever increasing demand. In Casablanca, accommodation needs are so high that renting a vacation apartment or a house becomes a genuine problem when considering the time commitment required.

To alleviate constraints related to vacation rentals in Casablanca, Jeffrey Host offers customized, personalized and turnkey services that will save you time and peace of mind in terms of managing your airbnb apartments in Casablanca.

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Jeffrey Host’s services includes checking in and out of your apartment, inventory of fixtures, return of keys, cleaning and laundry services.

Renting furnished accommodation in Casablanca becomes easier with a specialized janitorial service. With Jeffrey Host Janitorial Services, free yourself from the hassle and open your vacation rental to a more upscale clientele with high quality reception services.


Why choose Jeffrey Host for your vacation rental in Casablanca?

By entrusting the management of your airbnb apartment to Jeffrey Host, you opt for serenity, high quality services and the unfailing professionalism of its teams.

Much more than a stewardship agency, Jeffrey Host janitorial services in Casablanca covers all tasks related to vacation rentals.

From the design of your apartment or vacation home rental ads, the shooting of photographs highlighting your property, the posting of your ad on world-renowned booking platforms such as Airbnb, Booking or Expedia, to the optimization of your pricing policy to increase your revenues, our concierge service completely relieves you of all these often time-consuming constraints for which it is preferable to rely on the skills of professionals.

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With offices in Agadir and Marrakech, Jeffrey Host’s teams have a solid grasp of all the subtleties of vacation rentals in Morocco. We have developed strategic partnerships in the country, particularly in Casablanca, which ensure a greater reactivity with the different service providers involved in the maintenance or repair of your accommodation.

Choosing the best Airbnb janitorial service in Casablanca is the assurance of benefiting from a set of personalized services to optimize the quality and performance of your vacation rental.

How can I be certain of receiving the best services by relying on Jeffrey Host ?

Each Airbnb rental and each owner has his or her own specific expectations, thus Jeffrey Host offers personalized services far beyond simple logistics for tourist and vacation rentals in Casablanca.

Valuing your assets, optimizing your visibility on several online booking platforms, guaranteeing you a high occupancy rate regardless of the period of the year, and ensuring a quality welcoming of your customers, our janitorial service provides a global support for all owners looking for peace of mind and excellence for their vacation rentals in Casablanca.

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By entrusting Jeffrey Host’s janitorial services in Casablanca with your Airbnb apartment keys, you choose peace of mind and the certainty of entrusting your property to rental experts in Casablanca and Morocco.

 We promote your property and take the necessary steps to optimize your rental income to ensure a regular and profitable income.

Jeffrey Host is a professional and turn-key service for owners looking for simplicity in the management of their Airbnb rentals in Casablanca.


We optimize your ads for maximum visibility on specialized websites: Airbnb, Abritel-HomeAway, Booking, Expedia etc.


We manage your customer's requests for information, reservations and reviews.


We optimize pricing to find the most appropriate price for each period of the year, ensuring you maximum fill rate.


Our concierges are available to hand over keys, show the accommodation and the neighborhood during check-in and do an inventory of fixtures during check-out.


We ensure households are built to hotel standards. We handle the linen to make your guests feel like in a hotel.


We offer a small Welcome Basket for travellers. We handle all consumables and take care of small maintenance tasks.

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